3rd Planet presents | The Largest Consumer Tourism Event Online

1. Who is 3rd Planet?

3rd Planet is a new media company that provides the travel and tourism industry an interactive 3D platform to show you travel destinations of the world so that you can better understand what the destination has to offer.

2. Where does the name 3rd Planet come from?

3rd Planet basically means the earth, which is the 3rd planet from the Sun.

3. Where are you guys based in?

We have offices in Singapore, China and Thailand.

4. Are you hiring?

We’re often on the lookout for talents so if you think you’ve the right skills that are beneficial to our company, please kindly write in to us at hr@3rdPlanet.com

1. What are the platforms available for 3rd Planet?

We are available on PC, iOS and Android. If you’re looking for support on a platform that is not listed, please kindly write in to us at support@3rd Planet.com.

2. I can’t run 3rd Planet on my computer.

Please kindly check that you have downloaded our software, unity.exe and added us to your list of approved sites on your PC Firewall. For further support, please email support@3rd Planet.com.

3. How do I add 3rd Planet as a trusted site to my firewall?

Internet Option -> On Security tab -> choose Trusted sites -> click Sites button -> add those sites into list.

4. I have embed your codes onto my website but it is not working.

Please be sure that your website supports HTML coding and has unity.exe installed. For further support, email support@3rd Planet.com.

5. What are the minimal specs to run 3rd Planet?


  • OS: Windows XP+, Mac OS X 10.6+, Ubuntu 10.10+, SteamOS+
  • Graphics card: DX9 (shader model 2.0) capabilities; generally everything made since 2004 should work.
  • CPU: SSE2 instruction set support.
  • Web player supports IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and others.
  • iOS: requires iOS 4.3 or later. Android: OS 2.3.1 or later;
    ARMv7 (Cortex) CPU; OpenGL ES 2.0 or later.

1. What you should know.

3rd Planet is FREE to use for the traveling community. Our embed codes are FREE and can be used on any websites.

2. How can I share 3rd Planet with my friends and family?

You will be able to share 3rd Planet with your friends through the various options available on our platform. Simply move your cursor to the bottom left of your screen while on our software and you will find a “sharing” icon. Click on it and choose the platform that you wish to share on.

3. How do I embed 3rd Planet’s scenes onto my website?

Kindly move your cursor to the bottom left of your screen while on our software, clicking on the “sharing” icon will open up a list of sharing options. Choose embed and our system will provide you with a code which you will just need to copy and paste into your website.

4. How can I embed your scene with a specific width to my website’s layout?

You can optionally wrap the URL in the [embed] shortcode. It will accomplish the same effect, but does not require the URL to be on its own line. It also allows you to set a maximum (but not fixed) width and height, like so: [embed width="123" height="456"]...[/embed]

5. I run a travel blog and wish to grab some scenes from 3rd Planet. Do I need to seek approval from you guys?

We are more than happy to get featured by anyone and no prior approval is needed to use our embed codes.

1. What is Wonders of the World?

Wonders of the World is the beginning of many more events to come. We’re starting with the world’s best destinations which after we will be launching other destinations in conjunction with the tourism industry.

2. Can I request for a destination to be featured on 3rd Planet?

We welcome suggestions but due to the amount of request that we’ve received, we can’t guarantee that it will be featured but we will try our best!

3. How will I know if a new destination has been added?

Please sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates on our destinations.

4. Help! I’ve a question that is not listed on FAQ.

For questions not listed, please kindly contact support@3rd Planet.com.

5. Found a bug on our platform? Have a fault to report?

We want to take this opportunity to thank our community for reporting issues to us as we continue to improve our services. For bugs and error reporting, please kindly take a screenshot of the bug and submit in to us with a description of your issues at support@3rd Planet.com.

6. Where do I sign up for an account on 3rd Planet?

Please kindly Register HERE or click on “Sign Up” on the top right hand corner of our homepage.