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27th JUNE 2013

Embed interactive 3d destinations to pump up traffic in your website

Global initiative Wonders of the World Project invites up to 200 sites to join beta test
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Interactive 3D travel media company, 3rd Planet invites all owners and bloggers of websites to be part of the global launch of the Wonders of the World project.

Wonders of the World (WOW) project will be launched to consumers worldwide in the first quarter of 2014. It will showcase the most iconic destinations from around the world in interactive 3D on the Internet, which global consumers can easily access through most smart connected devices. Consumers can now have a more realistic understanding of the destination prior to their visit with stunning visual effects, realistic surrounding sounds and interactivity with the environment. This would help them better organise their itinerary and not miss any important points of interests.

Temple of Heavens in interactive 3D

Free embedding of interactive 3d scenes

Exemple of a website with 3rd Planet embeded

If you have a website or blog, you now can further enhance your content simply by embedding with just 2 lines of javascript code of the relevant destinations provided by 3rd Planet.

3rd Planet now invites websites to join in the beta test prior to the launch. Upon launch, these websites are free to embed all the interactive 3D scenes, which will be a major boost to their traffic numbers.

Said Mr. Terence Mak, CEO of 3rd Planet, "The travel industry is bombarding the average traveler with hordes of similar messages in words, pictures and videos. Websites need a catalyst to differentiate themselves to stay ahead of the game. What we are offering here is an exciting and unique channel for them to promote destinations, attracting more visitors to their websites and ultimately, achieving the business objectives they have set."

In addition, 3rd Planet is seeking partners to complement the Wonders of the World Project from the following :

  1. Travel portals with booking engines
  2. Travel-related deals and offers
  3. Travel media
  4. Tour operators and travel agencies

Contact 3rd Planet at wonders@3rdplanet.com to find out details on how to be part of the embed test, as well as any other partnership possibilities.

About 3rd Planet

3rd Planet logo

3rd Planet is a new media company that offers travel and tourism industry an interactive 3D online media platform to connect and engage the consumers worldwide. It depicts interesting places of the world and help global audience experience and learn about global tourism locations online through a realistic 3D interactive environment.

3rd Planet is the presenter of Wonders of the World, the flagship event featuring the best of the best destinations from each country in interactive 3D, launching in first quarter 2014.

Wonders of the world project - a global tourism initiative reaching out to 600 million consumers

Wonders of the World (WOW) is a global event that will be launched on the largest venue ever built - The Internet. It will debut in 1st Quarter 2014 and will allow the global tourism industry to showcase the best of each country's travel destinations to the global audience in a highly engaging interactive environment (Interactive 3D). This mega event will also involve the participation of the entire travel industry including media, travel portals and industry partners to join the most talked-about consumer event and share in the extensive publicity that will be created targeting 600 Million consumers across 6 Continents.

The event will also herald the launch of many new innovative services, which will be available on the hottest-selling consumer devices like the Apple iPads and Android Tablets.

More than 750 tourism organisations have been invited to participate in this international launch event to showcase their top-notch destinations worthy to be part of the Wonders of the World Project. This has generated strong interests and positive feedback from tourism organisations.

This includes our partnership with China Intercontinental Communication Center (www.cicc.tv), who is supervised by China's State Council Information Office. CICC is the co-organiser for this project. CICC will be the lead to bring the world tourism culture to China, and Chinese tourism culture to the world. Here is a press article link on our partnership with CICC - www.etravelblackboard.com/article/139916.

For a consumer perspective of the event, please visit www.3rdplanet.com/wowvideo. To access the demo, please visit www.3rdplanet.com/#demo.

About CICC

CICC logo

The China Intercontinental Communication Center (China Intercontinental Press), set up in Beijing in December 1993, is a comprehensive international cultural communication agency complete with four export-oriented communication centers, including the Film and TV Center, the Book Center, the Cultural Exchange Center and the Network & Magazine Center.

With "helping the world to understand China, and helping China to understand the world" as its goal, the Center/Press works to introduce to the rest of the world the basics of Chinese history, politics, economics, science and technology, education, culture, and the lives of the Chinese people, and also to display the latest progress China has made in social and economic development during the ongoing reform and opening-up. In the meantime, it works to introduce to China the fruits of foreign cultural development.

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Ms Lisa Liu
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