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30th JANUARY 2013

3rd Planet announces commencement of registration to global tourism boards for Wonders of the World project

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Wonders of the World Project (WOW) is now open to all tourism boards for registration, interactive 3D media firm 3rd Planet revealed.

WOW will see the largest-ever gathering of countries, travel-related businesses and consumers in an international online expo. It allows the tourism industry to participate by allowing their destinations - either interior, exterior, or both - to be re-constructed in interactive three-dimensional (3D) format. When launched, consumers can visit and interact with a country's renowned attractions as well as have a bird's-eye view of its land from their computers or tablets, thanks to realistic, built-to-scale 3D reconstructions.

"More than 750 tourism organisations have been invited to participate in this international launch event to showcase their top-notch destinations worthy to be part of the Wonders of the World Project. This has generated strong interests and positive feedback from tourism organisations. Since the launch of project in September 2012 most of Asia tourism organisations are already on board this massive project," commented Mr Terence Mak, CEO of 3rd Planet. "Tourism boards are signing up to meet the early bird deadline for great savings and more time for their promotional planning at the launch," added Mr Mak.

Wonders of the World project seeks to reach out to 600 million broadband and high speed data users, which is seen to be more affluent and IT-savvy. This means they can afford trips, tend to stay at a location longer and spend more money during their vacation - the ideal target for the tourism industry.

Registration forms can be downloaded by clicking here. To have a full perspective of the event, visit www.3rdplanet.com/wowvideo.


3rd Planet is a new media company that offers travel and tourism industry an interactive 3D online media platform to connect and engage the consumers worldwide. It depicts interesting places of the world and help global audience experience and learn about global tourism locations online through a realistic 3D interactive environment.

3rd Planet is the presenter of Wonders of the World, the flagship event featuring the best of the best destinations from each country in interactive 3D, launching in first quarter 2014.


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